Lab # 6 Crossed Aldol Condensation Reaction

Lab # 6 Crossed Aldol Condensation Reaction - Atif Saleem,...

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Atif Saleem, ID# 19546129, 04-06-2009, Section 101, GSI: Jason Hudak Chemistry 3BL Lab Report #6: The Crossed-Aldol Condensation Introduction: The purpose of today’s lab is to carry through a crossed aldol condensation reaction with three different aldehydes. The aldol condensation reaction is just a branch of the aldol reaction except that it is under heated conditions and is a dehydration reaction where we lose a water from the molecule created. The lab starts with an unknown aldehyde labeled X, Y, or Z, and it is mixed with sodium hydroxide and acetone. Due to the lab surroundings being over 0°C, we consider it to be “heated conditions.” After the aldol condensation reaction is completed, the product is recrystallized out and it’s yield is taken. Discussion: The strategy for determining which aldehyde was used in this reaction consisted of the following parts: 1) drawing the arrow pushing mechanisms for each of the respective aldehydes with acetone and sodium hydroxide, 2) assigning the products formed from the arrow pushing mechanisms to the NMR spectrums provided in the lab manual, 3) completing the reaction with the unknown aldehyde with acetone and sodium hydroxide as well as attaining a melting point range for this and a recrystallized product, 4) matching up the melting point range attained to the ones found for the molecules which I
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Lab # 6 Crossed Aldol Condensation Reaction - Atif Saleem,...

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