EPS 102 lecture 8 - EPS Lecture 8 Thursday February 12th,...

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EPS Lecture 8 Thursday February 12 th , 2009 Impacts are important geologic events. Impacts are threatening but we need them as a planetary aspect. Biologically they can be detrimental. Meteorites are remnants of early solar system material. rocky planets don’t have light gases like Hydrogen and Helium so they can escape. A small fraction of minerals in these meteorites are older than our solar system. Chondritic meteorites are building blocks of planets. Jupiter is many times the size of Earth. Certain grains have weird isotopic data. Isotopic compositions of these presolar grains: out of a gas snows out minerals. Heating them up evaporates them. The atmospheres of these stars are determined by many factors. Galactic history of the star materials: different stars have different histories. Grains form out of stellar gas and as they condense out they can metamorphose. These grains have been discovered through eroding it away and etching/dissolving the rock. Look for the most tough minerals by this process. The greasy carbonaceous stuff evbaporates first of course. The grain formation process occurs in outer surfaces of red giants and when supernovas explode. This injects heavy elements into the solar system. Supernova build up dense clouds so that the nucleus of a new star can form. The heavy elements get ejected back into the interstellar medium. Grains are tiny and 1/1000 th mm. We can’t put very good constraints on the ages of the grains but we can on the rocks. AGB are classes of stars off of the main sequence of the
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EPS 102 lecture 8 - EPS Lecture 8 Thursday February 12th,...

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