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EPS 102 Tidal power paper

EPS 102 Tidal power paper - Atif Saleem ID 19546129 EPS 102...

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Atif Saleem ID# 19546129 EPS 102 Spring 2009 The Power of Tides Tidal power is the utilization of tidal energy to create power. The concept of tidal power has been documented as being used since 787 in Northern Ireland by means of a tidal mill [1]. A tidal mill works only during the shifting of tides: high tide comes into a dam built under the tidal mill and as the tide turns, the gates of the dam are shut to force the water to move the mill and generate power. Officially, the first tidal power plant was erected on the Rance River in France circa 1966 and it spews out approximately 68 megawatts of power yearly [2]. To comprehend tidal power, one must have an understanding of tides on the Earth because they are the source of tidal power. Tides are the periodic fluctuations in the height of the ocean’s surface due to gravitational forces caused by the moon and sun. A tidal bulge is created due the effect of the moon’s gravitational attraction on the Earth on the side that the moon is on, and an opposing inertial bulge exists on the opposite side of the Earth. These bulges correspond to the term “high tide,” due to a higher ocean surface, and the ocean surface between these bulges is known as “low tide” [3].
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