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Chem 3AL exp 9 - Atif Saleem Chem 3AL Section 101...

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Atif Saleem, Chem 3AL, Section 101 Discussion: Experiment 9, What Do You Take for Pain? The lab today consisted of isolating naproxen from a standard pill using techniques like recrystallization, and TLC. There were several instances where acid base chemistry was used and they included the following: The first part was when sulfuric acid was added to a supernatant mixture of naproxen and water. Sulfuric acid acted as the acid in this situation, and the circled hydrogens on the oxygens were the most acidic: The naproxen/water mixture acted as a base and targeted those particular atoms. What occurred was that the naproxen/water mixture reacted with the sulfuric acid by attaching to those oxygens and having sulfuric acid give up those attached hydrogens. As the base targeted these acidic hydrogens, a solid white cloudy product immersed the entire mixture. This was due to the acid-base chemistry that was mentioned before. After adding subsequent drops of sulfuric acid into the supernatant mixture, the entire solution became white, foamy, and thick. Upon placing a pH test strip into the solution, acidity was observed after eleven drops of sulfuric acid. That implies that it took a lot of the sulfuric acid to give up it’s acidic hydrogens to the supernatant naproxen/water mixture in order for the entire solution to become acidic. The way in which acidity was obvious was when the pH test strip turned red, which by means of looking at the acidity chart it was concluded that the solution had become acidic. After an acidic solution was
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Chem 3AL exp 9 - Atif Saleem Chem 3AL Section 101...

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