Plant 5 - Plant 5 At the nodes, wehre the leaf is attached....

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Plant 5 At the nodes, wehre the leaf is attached. There is an angle formed between the petiole and the stem. This angle is called the axil. Within the axil, a bud forms. The bud forms at the node. This bud is called an axillary bud. It forms in the leaf axil and at the node. Axillary buds become the branches. When an axillary bud grows out, it becomes a new branch. Each point where a leaf is attached is a ndoe, where its not attached is an internode. Each node has a leaf associated with it. The axillary buds grow out to form branches. Branches form at nodes and they come from axillary buds. Once the embryo is formed, and the embryo axis is clearly defined and the seed is mature, it must germinate. This is the hardest part for the plant. The plant must judge if the environment is correct. One of the first struggle that seeds have when it germinates is that it must get out from the soil. The seed is buried some distance below the soil. There may be rocks or something in the way between the seed and the soil. If you were a plant and had a shoot apical meristem, you wouldn’t want to use it as a battering ram. It is afraid of damaging it’s shoot apical meristem. In beans, when the bean germinates, it uses the hypocotyls , whicha re below the cotyledons. It uses it as a battering ram and pushes through the soil up the surface. Then the shoot straightens up and it allows for the plant to grow. This is in a Eudicot. In monocots, the seeds are also below the soil. The monocot makes a protective sheath which covers the apical meristem to protect it. This pointed sheet grows up through the soil to protect the apical meristm. This sheath is called the coleoptiles. The seedling now begins to extend. This extension growth is primarily due to new cells being produced at the shoot apical meristem. The increase in length of a plant is due to primary growth. This forms the primary plant body. When a plant is going from small to large to larger, it
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Plant 5 - Plant 5 At the nodes, wehre the leaf is attached....

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