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Plants 6 - P lants 6 The root is an organ used for...

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Plants 6 The root is an organ used for anchorage/support of the plant, absorption of water and nutrients, storage organ: like carrots, beets, ginseng root, and cassava are all examples of root systems. Roots establish symbiotic associations with soil microorganisms. In tropical environments, root systems grow above the ground. The first root is formed in the embryo and is called the primary root. In Eudicots, the primary root grows straight down and to considerable depths. They often make branch roots. The root system you find in a monocot seedling you also have a primary root, but the primary root is short lived. It is replaced with roots that grow/originate on the stem: adventitious roots. The root system is fibrous and shallow. After fires die down, helicopters plant large amounts of monocot seeds because they are shallow and fibrous. They hold together the soil and prevent erosion (stabilize land). In a mature plant, the root system is bigger than the shoot system. The biomass of a root system is larger than that in a shoot system. The ratio of root to shoot changes. When the seedling germinates there is more biomass in the root system. The root and shoot system become one to one as the plant grows. Longitudinal section of a root: the tip of the root is the root cap. Then there is a zone of high cell division activity. It is the root apical meristem. If we go up the root we can see the xylem and the phloem, or vascular tissue.
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Plants 6 - P lants 6 The root is an organ used for...

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