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Geography 211 (Fall 2009) 11/26/09 1 Topic 15 Periglacial Processes and Landforms 1. IntroducDon Periglacial: - cold climate processes in high latitude or altitude regions 2. Permafrost Permafrost: soil/rock temps below 0°c for at least 2 years water usually present when ground freezes (ground ice) Active layer: seasonally frozen ground between surface and permafrost layer during summer, upper layers of ground may thaw
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Geography 211 (Fall 2009) 11/26/09 2 Distribution of permafrost: MAT < 0°C, depth of frost penetration exceeds depth of thaw Continuous permafrost everywhere except under deep lakes poleward of -7°C MAT Discontinuous permafrost absent under water bodies and warmer sites (e.g. south-facing slopes) MAT range from -1°C to -7°C Sporadic permafrost at scattered sites, e.g . northern-facing slopes MAT > -1°C Talik • patch of unfrozen ground in area of permafrost • does not freeze during winter and is not merely part of active layer
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Topic 15_colour - Topic15 PeriglacialProcessesandLandforms...

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