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Geography 211 (Fall 2009) 11/17/09 1 Topic 13 Fluvial Processes and Landforms 1. Categories of Rivers Alluvial river: loose sediments water in channels erodes and deposits sediment channel shape readily modi±ed Bedrock River: substanIal porIon of boundary (>=50%) is exposed bedrock, or covered by alluvial veneer that is largely mobilized during high flows generally lower erosion rates hSp:// Poten’al energy: ‐ mass of water in upstream posiIon has potenIal to do work PE = m g h m: mass (kg) g: gravity (m/s 2 ) h: height (m) Kinetic energy: - water flows downslope and converts PE into KE KE = ½ m v 2 Stream energy is dissipated in maintaining fluid flow against resistance and in doing fluvial erosional work ²trahler and Archibold (2008)
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Geography 211 (Fall 2009) 11/17/09 2 2. Sediment Transport in Loose Sediments Dissolved load: soluIon Suspended load: weight born by upward turbulence Bed load: weight supported by bed
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Topic 13_colour - Topic13 FluvialProcessesandLandforms...

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