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Unformatted text preview: Geography 211 Topic 00 Course Introduc>on Who are your instructors? •  Dr. Darren Sjogren (1st half) •  Dr. Maria Strack (2nd half) •  Sarah SkeH (TA) How to contact me? •  Dr. Darren Sjogren –  Office: ES 406 –  Office hours: MWF 10‐10:50 am or by appointment –  Ph: 403.220.2575 (only in emergencies, please) –  Email: email through BlackBoard Geography 211 (Fall2009) 9/9/09 1 BlackBoard hHps:// Evalua>on Tools Grading Geography 211 (Fall2009) 9/9/09 2 Lecture exams (Midterm) •  Short answer ques>ons •  Mul>ple choice ques>ons •  You will be expected to draw diagrams and explain •  All textbook readings are testable Laboratory Format •  8 of the labs are not handed in but are examined in a lab exam •  1 lab is a short essay that will be graded Laboratory exams •  2 exams –  One worth 12% –  Second worth 18% •  Mul>ple formats of ques>ons •  Exams will take place during lab periods Geography 211 (Fall2009) 9/9/09 3 No Fieldtrip •  You will be reimbursed the supplemental fees •  This may take several weeks Required textbook •  Textbook readings are testable and indicated on the Course Schedule (see BlackBoard) Recommended Textbook •  Good idea to buy this one because many courses in Geography will use it as a wri>ng guide. Geography 211 (Fall2009) 9/9/09 4 How to excel in this course •  Show up to lecture ready to engage –  You can’t focus if you are emailing, tex>ng, “facebooking ”, watching movies/videos or sleeping •  Take notes on informa>on presented in lecture –  the slides cons>tute only a por>on of the informa>on you are expected to understand –  The text is a supplement not a replacement •  AHend labs, complete exercises and ask your instructors ques>ons –  Do not leave this un>l the day before the exams Plagiarism •  My policy is 1 strike and you are out. It isn’t worth it. •  Read and understand the University of Calgary’s defini>on. It is your responsibility. •  Also read the syllabus posted on BlackBoard. Geography 211 (Fall2009) 9/9/09 5 Sjogren Strack Geography 211 (Fall2009) 9/9/09 6 ...
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