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Topic 03_colour - Topic03 TheEarthasarota;ngplanet...

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Geography 211 (Fall 2009) 9/11/09 1 Topic 03 The Earth as a rota;ng planet The Shape of the Earth close to sphere (oblate) flaAened at poles, bulges at equator due to rota;on of Earth di±erence in dimensions is small (3/10ths of 1%) Earth’s Rota;on Earth’s ²xis rotates on axis once every SOL²R D²Y counterclockwise/eastwards (from above North Pole) Important because: reference for latitude and longitude provides day as measure of time affects cycles of environmental processes
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Geography 211 (Fall 2009) 9/11/09 2 Geographic Grid universal grid to iden;fy loca;ons on Earth’s surface PARALLELS: divide Earth into crosswise rings (including EQUATOR) MERIDIANS: divide Earth from pole to pole Great and Small Circles GREAT CIRCLE: when plane passes through center of Earth and intersects with surface SMALL CIRCLE: plane passes through Earth but not through center Fig 3.4 La;tude and Longitude La;tude: angle between a point on a parallel and
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Topic 03_colour - Topic03 TheEarthasarota;ngplanet...

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