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Geography 211 (Fall 2009) 9/23/09 1 Topic 05 Air Temperature 1. Energy and Temperature What is air temperature? Heat is form of energy Temperature is measure of heat energy Our nerve percep±on may be misled by factors such as moisture/wind We need to understand energy balance to understand temperature above surface? Temperatures broadly follow radiation but lag behind Why does air temperature peak in afternoon?
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9/23/09 2 Temperatures - rural areas • evapotranspiration • latent heat energy Temperatures - urban areas • water channeled so surfaces tend to be dry • surfaces often dark (asphalt) • building materials store/hold heat Urban Heat Island • desert urban areas often do not exhibit heat islands – why? (irrigated vegetation of city may keep cooler) 2. Latent Heat and Temps in Ci±es and Rural Areas Why does evapora±on lead to cooling? Fastest moving water molecules break out of water and become water vapour most readily Liquid cools as slower-moving molecules remain behind (less kinetic energy = less heat)
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Topic 05_colour - Topic05 AirTemperature 1....

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