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Unformatted text preview: Topic 07b Global Circula;on: climate and ocean circula;on Outline Introduc;on to air masses Overview of some key climate types Links between ocean circula;on and climate Air Masses in Winter Geography 211 (Fall 2009) 10/9/09 1 Air Masses in Summer Kppen Climates Tropical Rain Forest Climate Af Geography 211 (Fall 2009) 10/9/09 2 Tropical Monsoon Climate Am Tropical Savanna Climate Aw Mediterranean Csa and Csb Geography 211 (Fall 2009) 10/9/09 3 Humid Con;nental HotSummer Climates Dfa and Dwa Humid Con;nental HotSummer Climates Dfa and Dwa Subarc;c Climates Dfc, Dwc, and Dwd Geography 211 (Fall 2009) 10/9/09 4 Oceanic Circula;on Ocean Circula;on Ocean Currents Geography 211 (Fall 2009) 10/9/09 5 El NinoSouthern Oscilla;on (ENSO) Pacific Decadal Oscilla;on (PDO) Detected as SST varia;ons h]p:// ENSO and PDO Geography 211 (Fall 2009) 10/9/09 6 Other climate ocean interac;ons North Atlan;c Oscilla;on An atmospheric phenomenon predominantly Atlan;c Mul;decadal Oscilla;on Expressed as varia;ons in SST Likely linked to small changes in thermohaline circula;on Geography 211 (Fall 2009) 10/9/09 7 ...
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