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12/16/2009 1 Historical Geography Early history - Indus Valley civilization around 2500 BC - Possible influence from Mesopotamia - Culturally sophisticated, urban society Indo-Europeans (Aryans) - From 3500 BC onward Ganges Plain - 1500 BC: a gradual emergence of Hinduism - Buddhism: 6 th century BC in northeastern India Persian and Greek invasions - Alexander the Great 4 th century BC: Hellenistic cultural influence
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12/16/2009 2 The Mauryan Empire (322-180 BC) - The first true empire in the subcontinent: northern ½ of India - A prosperous empire culturally and economically - Expansion of Buddhism beyond India The Invasion of Islam from late 10 th century - From west and NW - The Mogul (Mughal) Empire the largest pre- colonial state in South Asia: by the 14 th century - A struggle between Hinduism and Islam for cultural supremacy The Europeans - From the early 16 th century: Portuguese, French, Dutch
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