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Chapter 9 East Asia Multiple Choice Introduction 1. Which of the following countries does not share a common border with the People’s Republic of China? A. Vietnam B. Bhutan *C. Thailand D. North Korea E. Afghanistan 2. In 1997, China took over: *A. Hong Kong (Xianggang) B. Taiwan C. Singapore D. Sakhalin Islands E. none of the above 3. Two political entities that recently reunited with China are: A. Vietnam and Shandong B. Macau (Macao) and Shenzhen C. Hong Kong (Xianggang) and Shenzhen D. Hong Kong and Xianggang *E. Macau (Macao) and Hong Kong (Xianggang) 4. Which of the following countries was the first highly developed country in East Asia, significantly ahead of any other East Asian state in its level of economic development? *A. Japan B. South Korea C. China D. North Korea E. Mongolia 5. Which of the following countries is identified by your text book as the colossus of East Asia, the major cultural hearth in this part of the world? *A. China B. Mongolia C. Japan D. North Korea E. Russia Natural Environments 6. Which of the following is false concerning the western sections of China: A. much of the area is a flat plain B. much of the area is mountainous or is a high plateau C. many of Asia’s great rivers arise in the mountains and high plateaus D. the area is sparsely populated *E. much of the area is a highland (H) climate Page 218 East Asia
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7. The mountains in western China are the: *A. Himalayas B. Xianggangs C. Xizangs D. Tibets E. Huang He (Yellow River) 8. Climates in western China are affected by severe: A. maritime conditions *B. continentality C. hurricanes D. typhoons E. gyres 9. Powdery wind-blown soil pulverized by glaciers is called: A. ordos *B. loess C. cenozoic D. shandong E. huang soil 10. Which of the following is not an East Asia island? A. Taiwan *B. Sri Lanka C. Hainan D. Hokkaido E. Honshu Historical Geography 11. Which of the following statements is false? A. Human beings have been in Asia for hundreds of thousands of years. B. The width of the Pacific Ocean probably played a role in restricting Transpacific migrations. *C. Human beings have been in the Americas for hundreds of thousands of years. D. Peking Man was found in 1927 not far from Beijing. E. Some anthropologists believe that all human beings derive from Africans, whereas others. hold that humans derive from four different stocks from widely separated regions. 12. Which of the following statements is false? A. The Ainu contended with the Yayoi for control of Japan. B. Plant and animal domestication began in East Asia as early as it did anywhere. *C. The Manchu dynasty was probably China’s first dynasty. D. The Chinese civilization was preceded by the Erlitou state. E. Xenophobia means hatred of foreigners.
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