11MCTFAustral - Chapter 11 The Austral Realm MultipleChoice

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Chapter 11 The Austral Realm Multiple Choice Land and Environment 1. Which of the following statements about the physical environment of the Austral realm is false? A. New Zealand has earthquakes and volcanoes, Australia does not *B. Australia’s rocks are much older than those of New Zealand C. Australia’s highest mountains are the Great Dividing Range, while New Zealand has a spine of much higher mountains D. New Zealand has a moderate, moist climate. Australia’s climates vary from tropical, to Mediterranean, to desert. E. New Zealand has a plateau interior, while Australia’s interior is mostly desert. Biogeography 2. The animals found in Australia who carry their young in pouches are collectively known as: *A. Marsupials B. Kangaroos C. Platypuses D. Maoris E. Tasmanians 3. __________ is the study of flora and fauna in spatial perspective. A. Biology B. Zoogeography C. marsupial studies *D. Biogeography E. plant geography 4. Wallace’s Line refers to: A. the point in Australia where earthquakes are particularly severe *B. the line separating Australian species from non-Australian species C. the midpoint of the Great Dividing Range D. the point at which Australian waters are divided from New Zealand waters E. the dividing line between the aboriginal and modern Australian territories Australia 5. Native Australians are known as: A. Maoris B. Cook Islanders *C. Aborigines D. Indians E. Guineans 6. Native Australians came to the landmass _________ years ago: A. 1,000,000 *B. 50,000 C. after the Europeans D. 10,000,000 E. 1,000 Page 272 Australia
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7. Australia is seeing its most significant growth in immigration from: A. East Asia B. New Zealand *C. India D. South America E. United States 8. For many years, Australia had an immigration policy that: *A. allowed only white people to enter the country B. forced aborigines to move to Africa C. encouraged migration from Japan D. allowed only former criminals to move into the country E. only allowed relatives of gold miners to enter the country 9. Today, about _______ percent of Australia’s population is from the British Isles A. 10 *B. 33 C. 90 D. 1E. 67 10. Which of the following is not one of Australia’s 3 major problems mentioned in the text? A. Aboriginal issues
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11MCTFAustral - Chapter 11 The Austral Realm MultipleChoice

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