2-18-08 - regenerated fiber- made from natural sources but...

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2/18/08 1/20 chance that 2 different people will have the same one point of similarity on a fingerprint 2 points of similarity = 1/400 Hair, fiber, and paint The more unique the evidence is the more it will hold up in court A fiber is the smallest visible unit from which a fabric is made Natural fibers- fiber that occur in nature Ex: cotton, silk, wool Whatever techniques available to compare hair is available to compare certain fibers from animal hairs manufactured fibers- fibers derived from either natural or synthetic polymers; fibers are typically made by forcing the polymeric material through the holes of a spinneret most synthetics fiber can refract light and are easily specified that way birefringence pg227 - the decomposition of a ray of light into two rays (the ordinary ray and the extraordinary ray) when it passes through certain types of material spectrophotometry- destructive
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Unformatted text preview: regenerated fiber- made from natural sources but manufactured, changed and restructured cotton- vegetable looks like a ribbon stem fiber jute coarse very thick hemp light mostly used in ropes sericen- filaments to hold materials together comes from the cocoon of a silk worm easy to identify ***Wayne Williams case*** Paint Different paint jobs have different amounts of layers Commonly found for hit and runs Pigment in a binder, the binder hardens then holds the pigment Pigments are insoluble Almost all white pigment is titanium dioxide Evaporation paint Coagulation paint Oxidation paint Polymer paint Pyrolysis gas chromatography To analyze bindings Acrylic lacquer- GM Acrylic enamel-Chrysler ford some imports Alkyd enamel- imports...
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2-18-08 - regenerated fiber- made from natural sources but...

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