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chem127.hw1solutions - v\V)1-a 20)0 L1teNV t 2-l HOMtt00r l...

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L1teNV\ t 2-l - v.) \V)1-a- 20)0 HOMtt00r'?- l Sot Ll:riov)5 th., : QLt..e-S1-\ oV)~ \. \ - \ .q t/,o\o\ems l.l} \.6 1 \.1, loll; t.t-.O/t.'1.~,\.27 C\t).'2: Que~t\OV"l5 2. \ - 2. \ 2- 1'CO\o\ ~<& 2. \ ,2.4) 2 .(p, 2 .7 1 2..11, 2. l{PJ 2 .l~ ,2. 2-B Q \. 1) l-ClNl-+\t1iciL ya.Cu-UvY\ <:. l-<:.W'\-#liL~ co,k:.. <.. l-cVVl-tl1ick.- c()VlCfe..~ .( }- CW! - tin l ck- COffex' ~ec.cu.t-se +lne- tVliCl:.Vltgs oP eo.cl-1 fJXl,ll l <5 I eWl, LC6 CllVI rQV) ~ tltie.- ~l ~ bQ~ DV)lj OVI -t\rle.\\r CO\Nlf0-s i +: i 0 v\:s . .,. vo..C.UU\jY) VB -t\,e. leQ~+ diQt-\ne, IfV1Ql becQu<Se V l rtu..aU nO eJl)ef'~:) ro.9Se.S t\J),oLlC\\n \. +, t'D I totUe..d 1oL\ COr- \~ .. be.c£llLse it's Q ~ood l\A'SLllQ tor 1 fo lIoLUeti b~ CDVlC,,\ete CD.. rod t\!l SLLlo...-fo,\) to Jlowed \:>L\ co1r er (run ev..ttlt tV)t cO'{lci LtC to \ oP( E-V1erC\u..). Co~~ide\ whe.-("e e.QCVt of 4\A t, ~ Wla..ter l oj ""5 'l ~ LL~~ \ VI dCl.i l L-\ II te, (V~ -\-\!1er\Mos, cone, LU'\ \Ie) etc.) ~ ~t s~s +h~ ¥ of' +tne--yDttvdiaJ eJJlt,'<J~~(V(f)] tif.t\ I V\ fi~Clft 1.7 \ S ,\re.Qte, fo~ ttl-O +\J)Q\fI '%, Itt,. IV) of'lA€-'f' L00'f" d<5') H'l.- 0 I£:e\!lQ\JES W\O\\e, l \ k-e CL fet:L\ ~QS (l~s idea--' I \y -t\Ao..VJ does tte. -rlllt:- FtioJ l'fe~u.re or Q tjQ'S l <S ck-f\ vled us 1t1e f\fL.-'S~uu-e t\At. ~o.s LDOLt\o. ~)(~,t if IT LDe\fG fue. oV11L\ qtLS iVl +\;)e- ve..?<s~1. If I+e\ nV)d NH-3 0€'" e.. o.d!Vv\t'-tt-e.d to --\1A e.. \J~s~~ I) Q \feQC +t 0 V\ cuD LL l d o CCll.-r QV\ d ~e, +0 +qJ -V\fL/S<SlJ£~ wO te. ! d \0 e., \M ~ L~t;~ ~Q VI 'ftAe.. stlw\ o-P- -t-\rl~ fCl'C'+\ QJ r'rL-% ~e,v . Q 1.4) Tt-vvtfern._ttbre C1l..Vl\flOt 'ot Wte.ClsUS'e-d d:\ rec+lL\' 1+ \ S l\I\eQ?w-ed iV)d\\)eL~\oL\ t'1Ile. efF'e{J- o..pJ.teuvrp~'Q- tUJrt. OVJ CL flfO-plf s<1dn QS t1J)t- VD lltwre Of' a. I i ~U\ ci l -H!l ~ rrts . of a CfQ S, ftr1t-. e( fCtrl CLt J re0\'?-f Qv) CL of D- 'N\t tttJ I 0\ ttn~ vo l ta qe. D.LX" O~S --t-V\€.- j LlVl e. tiD\!) of +tUO cii ~i \NIl IQ\ Mt-taJ s. "--- --------""-
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~ 1.5) Fi 3Ll~e \. ~ <showS -tV1~T CLt LOV)cstavn- \/0\ LLVV)t-, f \\Jlcrm~s \ \ VltOS- l'j l0\t\n \. CjO 1> =- eX + ('J) T . Fi9t.J..re I.LQ "5\r}ows t\/l al vV 1 s a cOVlS+QV')T Q+ to\l)S+ClV1+ T. C:oV\'5ecou...eVl+1~) -p\J =- ~T. rj... II V\ d 8> Q \f e CD VI ~tQV)t s to be. cle-,m \AA \ V\ed *fO\JV\ \MeQSLLrtlfvrtv)Ts cunc1- +\irt LtV)i+s c\J}o'StLf) -Po, "v, \.} I QVl d T. If ~-=- V\ R., -p'J =- V) \2.. T. Q 1. (0) TF -+\t)e ? ~ ste.W) WLL\f) c;h~t t"::, are, l' l Q e-e d j ~+ . oLttsl(J.,e Df title lif()U\d wa.+e\), tint Sljstt-M lS f)"V~\[) 'Dt CQlt~ LUO-tt\r CAYl eSCQ-pt- iTo VV) tl!l~ to V 'tlWl ~ Q c.e.,. I.f -ti1e 0oLl\{) dQIll\ i 'S j Lt sf- .i \fl '3i ck +\!1e. 10Q1l5 ~ tVle roovW, -HIle s~stew\ lS dosed loeo:tJ-tse tVJ~ ,DOM is ffir-nC\Vrl - (i t, e.v)e,~~ CQV) JQ sc::, -\-\n'OLL~V! t1tt LUQt I s ~Llt IN\Q~' tQV)V)O +-) . Q (.7) TlIlt CDV)tev)ts of Q LD\N\p'fe<sstd ~Q5 q)H V)de\ Me l \f\ 4:\ite\WlQl {CO lt \ \l b'ftLlW) LO'lt1/) tlr1e ~~ \faLUn d\ \/\0.'5, \oLLt t\;te t>\fe~~UleS Cv\~ di.ff'e..(-eV)+ rr~~Qs e.V)cia<s-td \VI CUf) QdtQbQiic- V \ ~t-o V\ Cllf) cl c-l\ 1\ Vld.~f Q 'S ~t \N) b 1 L\ will b L i if} ~w \i D\[\ Ltvv\ LtS\t\;) to rre~~ur~, \oLLT Vlot +0 t-tIJVY~ exfl+t..t,e, .
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chem127.hw1solutions - v\V)1-a 20)0 L1teNV t 2-l HOMtt00r l...

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