hw6 - S09 - Consider the steady laminar flow of an...

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Chemical Engineering 150A Spring Semester, 2009 Homework 6: Microscopic Balances Problem 1 Derive the continuity equation in cylindrical coordinates by considering the flow of fluid in and out of the control volume shown below. Problem 2 The velocity components in a two-dimensional velocity field for an incompressible, inviscid fluid are given by the equations v x = 3( x 2 " y 2 ) v y = " 6 xy All body forces are negligible. (a) Does this velocity field satisfy the continuity equation? (b) Determine the pressure gradient in the x-direction at any point in the flow field. Problem 3 Problem 8.3 in Process Fluid Mechanics
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Problem 4
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Unformatted text preview: Consider the steady, laminar flow of an incompressible fluid through the horizontal rectangular channel shown below. Assume that the velocity components in the x and y directions are zero and the only body force is the weight of the fluid (acting in the –y direction). Starting with the Navier-Stokes equations, (a) determine he appropriate set of differential equations and boundary conditions for this problem. (Use the axes and variables indicated on the figure). Do not solve the equations. (b) Show that the pressure distribution is hydrostatic at any particular cross section. x y b a...
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hw6 - S09 - Consider the steady laminar flow of an...

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