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hw 9 - BLA - S09 - δ ≈ 0.37 x 1 5 Re x ! (turbulent) and...

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Chemical Engineering 150A Spring Semester, 2009 Boundary Layer Practice Problems Problem 1 Problem 15.2 in Process Fluid Mechanics. Problem 2 In class, we discussed the laminar boundary layer for flow over a flat plate. There is a transition to turbulence when Re x exceeds approximately 2 x 10 5 . While there is no exact theory for turbulent flow over a flat plate, the turbulent boundary layer thickness is though to depend on Re x according to the formula:
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Unformatted text preview: δ ≈ 0.37 x 1 5 Re x ! (turbulent) and the wall shear stress is given by: 2 1 5 0.0288 Re w x U ! " # = (turbulent) This is illustrated schematically in the figure below. Use these results with those from class to determine the drag caused by water flowing with a free stream velocity of 3 m/s on one side of a flat plate of length (in the flow direction, x) 0.5 m and the width of the plate (in the z direction) is 2 m....
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