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12.11 - 278 Solutions Chapter 12 Infrarc(d&o and...

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Unformatted text preview: 278 Solutions Chapter 12: Infrarc (d) &o and O—OCH3 1745 cm-1 (C=0) 1000-1100 cm-1 (C-O) 1375, 1450 can-1 (-CH5) The ketone will be identifiable by the C=0 peak at 1630-1820 cm'l, while the ether will have a char 0 peak at 1000-1100 cm'1 and methyl bending peaks at 1375 cm*1 and 1450 em'l. (e) 0/\ OH and /\0 1000-1100 cm'1 (Sp-3 C-O) 1000—1100 cm‘1 (9193 C-0) 1450-1600 cm'1 (C=C) aromatic 1200-1250 cm‘1 (sp2 C-O) 2x 1735-1800 cm'1 (C=0) 1450-1600 cm'1 (C=C) aromatic 1735—1800 2111'1 (C=O) 2500-3300 cm'1 (-OH) Both spectra will have the characteristic C=0, .91.erl C-0, and sz C-O peaks of an alkyl ester, but on‘ molecule on the right will have an additional spz C-O peak at 1200-1250 cm'1. (t) W W O O 1375, 1450 cm‘1 (-CH3) 1000-1100 cm'1 (C-O) 1600-1680 cm‘1 (C=C) The alkene will be identifiabie by the C=C peak at 1600-1680 cm'1 and methyl bending peaks at 1: 1450 cm-1, while the cyclic ether will have a characteristic C-O peak at 1000-1100 cm]. 0 O \ \ (g) O/\J\H and WW 1450-1600 cm'1 (C=C) aromatic 1200-1250 cm'1 (5p? C-O) 1630-1820 cm'1 (C=0) 1450-1600 cm'1 (C=C) aromatic 1600-1680 cm‘1 (C=C) 1600-1680 cm'1 (C=C) 1700-1725 cm'1 (C=C) 2500-3300 cm“1 (0-H) The main difference will be the broad 0-H peak at 2500-3300 cm'1 of the carboxylic acid that is no the aldehyde. (n) W and /\/\ 3000-3100 cm‘1 (=C-I-I) 3300 cm'1 (-C-H) 1600-1680 cm'1 (C=C) 2100-2250 (:m'1 (C-C) The alkene will have a C=C peak at 1600-1680 cm'1 and the alkyne will have a C-C peak at 3300 ( stretches will also help distinguish the two as the OH stretch for the alkene will be between 3000- the C-H stretch for the alkyne will be near 3300 cm'l. ...
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