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BUAD 310 case 1

BUAD 310 case 1 - BUAD310 Dr.Ansari Page1 BUAD310...

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BUAD310 Page 1   Dr. Ansari Stephen Bodziak 9947660785 Ryan Sanders 7164539701 Michael Vediner 5372733589 BUAD 310 Case 1, Fall 2009  Total 100 points – Due 10/14/09 In this case you will apply many of the statistical techniques learned in part 1 of BUAD310. Instructions: This exercise uses data from the file Forbes94.MTB, ForbesSample.MTB which you can download from Blackboard. The entire case should be typed in word document and clearly written and submitted with supporting documents (MINITAB printouts). The printouts can be directly copied and pasted into the word document. The main part, done as a GROUP and worth 5 points for each question, should have the complete name and USC ID of each team member. The Executive Summary, worth 25 points, should be done INDIVIDUALLY; put the name and USC ID on the top of this part of the assignment. Both the Main part and Executive Summary (one for each person) should be printed and put together and must be submitted on the due date. GROUP ASSIGNMENT : Imagine that you are a future CEO of Trojan Worldwide and are interested in the average Return_over_5years and average compensation of the 800 highest paid CEOs. You decide to contact an expensive CEO placement service company. They provide you with a sample of 60 CEOs, their compensation and Return_over_5years. So you decide to study the information given to you. Treat the 800 CEO information from the Forbes 94.MTB as the population and 60 randomly selected CEO provided by the CEO placement service as the sample. (The information is obtained from past published information in Forbes Magazine.) Answer the following questions, a. Define the population and sample in this case. What is the parameter of interest? What are the sample statistics?
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BUAD310 Page 2   Dr. Ansari -The population is the top 800 CEOs ranked by compensation and the sample is the 60 randomly selected CEOs. The parameter of interest is compensation. The sample statistics are the average compensation of the 60 CEOs, the median compensation of the 60 CEOs, and the mode of the 60 CEOs. b. What type of variables are Return_over_5years and Compensation? -Return over 5 years is a discrete quantitative variable, and compensation is a continuous quantitative variable. c. Who is the extreme outlier in the population in terms of Compensation? Why would you consider this person extreme outlier? (give a general reason here) -Michael Eisner is the extreme outlier in the population in terms of compensation. He is considered an extreme outlier because the 75 th percentile is only 3 times greater than the 25 th percentile but Eisner is 80 times greater than the 75 th percentile. d.
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BUAD 310 case 1 - BUAD310 Dr.Ansari Page1 BUAD310...

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