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Executive Summary Ryan Sanders 7164539701 Background: The goal of this study is to come up with an equation to attain the most accurate predictions of the cost of one page advertisements. A sample of 50 consumer magazines was taken in order to determine which aspects affect the page price most. From these companies, the cost of a one page ad, the projected circulation, the percentage of male in the readership, the median household income of readership, and whether or not the magazine is sold outside the United States. Methods: Initially, we wanted to analyze the independent variables and check for skewedness and linearity of the relationship between the page cost and each of these predictor variables. The majority of the data was skewed, but this has little effect on creating an adequate model for predicting the page cost. The initial model of using all the variables to predict the cost was not that effective because the data was not linear and there was evident fanning in the model. Through further analysis, we were able to determine other options that may be useful in creating
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