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Clinica Romero Report

Clinica Romero Report - 3.6 Temporary Office Space Overview...

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3.6) Temporary Office Space Overview: In the event that Clinica Romero decides to modify the annex building, it is possible that the company chooses some of our less invasive options, where in such case, relocation of the employees would not be necessary. An example of this would be to remove a few doors and install windows. If however, Clinica Romero chooses to do a modification such as increasing the ceiling height of the annex building in order to give the appearance of a more spaciousness, according to our projections, the annex building would be unusable for about 3 months. We were informed that, if this were the case, Clinica Romero would possibly be able to use the Alvarado property as a temporary working place or storage facility while the necessary modifications were being made to the annex building. This would be a very fortunate circumstance for Clinica Romero so we thought it would be beneficial to have alternative choices in case this proved to not be a possibility. 3.7) Prefabricated Temporary Office Space: If it turned out that there is not enough space for relocation into the Alvarado property, we came up with two viable alternatives. The first idea we looked into was to purchase a Pre-fabricated Temporary Office Space. For a product such as this, there are a number of distributors one could go through. After extensive research, we chose to go with one we found using Metal Buildings Depot’s website that was cheaper than the other possibilities we were looking at (Fig. 1). There were a few characteristics that compelled us to chose this product and company. One aspect was that the company itself delivers the product, which will save Clinica Romero the time and effort of finding a delivery company. In addition to this, the company says they are able to have all deliveries in
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within three weeks. There was no mention of receiving money back if the product is not delivered in time, but we feel something could be worked out if this happened to occur. The dimensions of the building are 50’x100’x16’, which turns out to be a 5,000 square foot building and therefore only slightly smaller than the building Clinica Romero would be temporarily replacing. The temporary 1,000 square foot loss in area due to the office change should not be too difficult to get through when the limited amount of time it would be an issue and the money saved by purchasing this smaller building is taken into consideration. In addition to this, it may be possible to purchase an even smaller building depending on how much space is available at the Alvarado property and how much additional space is needed for the displaced employees. The price of this 5,000 square foot building though, is $23,950 (Metal). For this price, Clinica Romero would be purchasing the building even though it will only be necessary to have it for a projected three months. One difficulty in this however, would be the location of such a structure. It was our hope that this could be fit in the parking lot so Clinica Romero would not have to
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Clinica Romero Report - 3.6 Temporary Office Space Overview...

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