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Clinica Romero Status Report 2

Clinica Romero Status Report 2 - Clinica Romero Status...

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Clinica Romero Status Report To: Dr. Ramsey From: Ryan Sanders Date: April 8, 2009 Subject: Clinica Romero Status Report Project: Clinica Romero wants us to come up with a solution to the cramped layout of the annex building they currently have. They would also like us to better utilize their courtyard space. We have a variety of majors in our group and experience in problem solving and optimization. We are therefore confident that we will be able to come up with solutions to the problems we are faced with that will be cost effective for the company. Status Report: Charlie – After determining that the air conditioning unit needs to be moved about 25 feet, Charlie was able to find a company to go through that would be relatively cheap, which would cost about $3500-$4000. We still need to get the dimensions of the unit in order to get a price estimate on building a concrete wall around the unit. This will not be very difficult to find out though since it will just be a cheap and easy concrete wall.
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