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EASC essay - Stereotypes are inevitable. We, by nature,...

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Stereotypes are inevitable . We, by nature, strive to classify things, whether they are objects, animals, or people . It is this classification of items and individuals that are foreign or unfamiliar to us that leads to stereotypes . As a result of the Asian and American cultures being so different in terms of customs, beliefs, and ideals, many misperceptions have developed between the two cultures. It is only through increased exposure to accurate portrayals of each culture, that some of these misperceptions can be alleviated and by reducing the number of stereotypes we have and the support behind them, our countries may even be able to work together and improve our overall quality of life. One such stereotype of the Asian culture is concerning the women and how they act around American men . This perception has been built up in many different directions through the use of literature as well as the media and film industry . Americans have been introduced to a number of different stereotypes of these women . For example, as portrayed in the book, “The Asian Mystique,” many women are domineering “dragon ladies .” They are supposed to be what American men “want in a woman .” This leads to another misperception of what American men desire . Somehow, Asians came to the conclusion that American men wanted a domineering wife that would tell them what to do and take control . This is why the stereotype came about and they began having these domineering “dragon lady” type roles . Another example of how this role was portrayed by certain women was in the movie “Kill Bill Volume 2” where Lucy Lu played a very dominant Asian woman that was powerful and ruthless . She was what they thought American men wanted, which is why this type of role became so popular in Asian films, but there was at the same time, a very opposing belief of what American men wanted in their women .
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While some felt men wanted a woman that was controlling, there were also those that believed men wanted to be the ones in control so they could feel better about themselves and be in complete control of their wife . In this situation, all the Asian women portrayed themselves as very submissive and completely obedient to their husband . In this case, the misperception is that American men don’t have enough control over their lives. Supposedly, there is always so much going on and so much being dictated by work and other various aspects men have little control over, that men desire to be in complete control when in their home . It seems the majority of these misperceptions were manifested from films and interaction with American business men because they always seemed to change how they are portrayed based on what they thought American men wanted . Continuing with the theme of the women acting the way they believed the American men
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EASC essay - Stereotypes are inevitable. We, by nature,...

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