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continued on page 2… PHYSICS 1D03 TEST 2 November 17, 2004 Instructors: A. Jopko (section C01) N. McKay (sections C02, C03) D. Venus (section C04) K. Sills(section C05) Name ____________________________________ Student Number ___________________________ Instructor:_______________________________ Lecture Section:________________ Write your name and student number on your paper before you begin. Multiple-choice questions are worth 2 marks each (only the answer is marked), and problems are worth 3 marks each (clear solutions required). Only the McMaster standard calculator ( Casio fx-991 ) is allowed. Notes and formula sheets are not permitted. A sheet of formulae is attached at the end of the test paper. If you use them it is your responsibility to know what they mean and when they can be used. Earth’s gravitational field: g = 9.81 m/s 2 1—9 (18) 10 (3) 11 (3) 12 (3) 13 (3) Total (30) I
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Page 2 of 8 pages continued on next page… Part A (multiple choice): Print the letter corresponding to the best or most nearly correct answer in the box beside each question. Each correct answer is worth 2 marks. 1. A rod has one end at the origin and one end at the point P whose coordinates are (1m, 2m, 2m). A force F = (3 i +2 j -1 k) N acts on the rod at the point P . The torque about the origin due to F is: A) (-6 i + 7 j - 4 k) N m B) (-6 i - 7 j - 4 k) N m C) (6 i - 7 j + 4 k) N m D) none of the above. answer 2. A uniform bar of length L weighs 24 N. It rests in a horizontal position, attached to a hinge at one end, and supported by a vertical wire attached a distance ¾ L from the hinge. What is the tension in the wire?
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