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Syllabus • Me: Prof. Chiu Office: Bagley 204 E-mail: chiu@chem.washington.edu office hours: Tues:4-5pm & Fri:10:30- 11:30am • Lead TA: Gloria Yen E-mail: yen@u.washington.edu TA Office Hours Will be posted on course website: http://depts.washington.edu/chemcrs/course_in dex.cgi?bulkdisk/chem152A_win10 Syllabus (cont.) • What is Chem 152? • Second course in the intro. chemistry series. • Topics Covered: – C h. 9: Thermodynamics I – Ch. 10: Thermodynamics II – Ch. 11: Electrochemistry – Ch. 12: Quantum Mechanics – Ch. 13: Bonding Exam 1 Exam 2 Syllabus (cont.) • What is expected of you, the student? • Must have at least 1.7 from Chem 142 • Three components: – Lecture (Mon, Wed, Fri) Laboratory (M, T, or W) Quiz Section (Thur) Syllabus (cont.) • What is expected of me, the instructor? • Prof. Chiu is responsible for lectures, exams, and quizzes. • Laboratories? Dr. Carroll • Problems? See “What Do I Do If” flowchart towards the end of presentation. Grading • What materials are being graded? • Two midterms – 200pts • One comprehensive final – 200pts • Homework sets (7) – 70pts • Quizzes (5…lowest score is dropped) – 50pts • Laboratory write-ups – 130pts
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Grading (cont.) • What is the grade distribution? • Mean 2.6 ± 0.2. • 650 points total…all points are equivalent. • I have no idea how many points will yield a grade at the mean….remains to be seen. • Must pass the laboratory to pass course. Midterm Dates
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handout_L00_Course Intro - Syllabus • Me: Prof. Chiu...

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