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MATLAB Problem A mass, m = 2kg, is supported by a spring and a damper, as shown in the figure below. We want to analyze the motion of the mass when it is subjected to an initial displacement of 5 m and no initial velocity. Derive the equation of motion for the system. Then, use MATLAB to numerically integrate the equation for three different values of the damping constant. Try c = .5, 1, and 5 N-s/m. The force of a
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Unformatted text preview: spring is given by s F kx = where k = 5 N/m and the force of a damper is given by d F cx = d . HINT: transform the 2 nd order ODE into first order for use with ode45. There are example files on the website. Please turn-in your MATLAB code and three output plots of y vs. t for the three damping values. Figure 1: Mass-Spring-Damper System...
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