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HW-11 1. Consider a capacitor consisting two metal circular disks (radius R) separated by a distance d. Assuming d<<R and ignore the edge effect. The capacitor starts to be charged at t=0 with a constant current I , and the charges distribute uniformly over the metal plate. (a) Find the electric field and the magnetic field between the capacitor. (b) Find the energy density u em and the Poynting vector. (c) Determine the total energy in the capacitor, as a function of time. Calculate the total power flowing into the capacitor, by integrating the Poynting vector over the appropriate
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Unformatted text preview: surface. Check that the input power is equal to the rate of the increased total energy. 2. Consider an infinite parallel-plate capacitor, with the lower plate carrying the charge density – and the upper plate carrying the charge density + . (a) Determine all nine elements of the stress tensor, in the region between the plates. Display your answer as a 3x3 matrix: zz zy zx yz yy yx xz xy xx T T T T T T T T T (b) Use the stress tensor to determine the force per unit area of the top plate....
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