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Unformatted text preview: HW-3 1. Find the electric field a distance z above the center of circular disk of radius R which carries a uniform surface charge density . What does your formula give in the limit R and R z . 2. Suppose the electric field in some region is found to be E kr3 r , in spherical coordinates (k is some constant). (a) Find the charge density . (b) Find the total charge contained in a sphere of radius R, centered at the origin. 3. Find the electric field inside a sphere which carries a charge density proportional to the distance from the origin, kr , for some constant k. 4. Two spheres, each radius R and carrying uniform charge densities + and –, respectively, are placed so that they partially overlap. Call the vector from the positive center to the negative center d . Show that the field in the region of overlap is constant, and find its value. 5. Find the potential a distance r from an infinitely long straight wire that carries a uniform line charge . Compute the gradient of your potential and check that it yields the correct field. ...
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