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3-31-08 - ♦ Thrombocytes platelets ➢ Lividity Blood...

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3/31/08 Serology The study of bodily fluids Blood When coming out of a wound it is dense and starts to congeal as soon as it contacts with air Centrifuge An instrument used to spin the blood and separates it into 2 fluids Plasma The fluid portion of unclotted blood Mostly water and some proteins called fibrmogen, which helps clot blood Serum is plasma without fibrmogen Formed elements Equals 45% of the mixture Collection of red blood cells called erythrocytes Antigens on the surface of the red blood cells 1000 times more than white cells Leukocytes- white blood cell
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Unformatted text preview: ♦ Thrombocytes- platelets ➢ Lividity Blood settles after someone dies at the lowest part of the body Starts immediately and goes on for 12 hours after death, won’t get better or worse after the 12 hours 1901 Landsteiner discovered blood typing ➢ RH factor RH positive or negative Could cause erythroblastosis where red blood cells exploded in babies if parents where different RH ratings ➢ A, B, O Decomposed blood become hemolyzed and can’t be typed but DNA can still be extracted...
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