Harris_3401 syllabus - Tech Comm 3401 Going Global Technical Communication in a Shrinking World Spring 2010 Dr Jo Anne Harris Class schedule MWF

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Tech Comm 3401: Going Global: Technical Communication in a Shrinking World Spring - 2010 Dr. Jo Anne Harris Office: 116 DM Smith Class schedule: MWF: Office Hours: Tues/Thurs 10:30- 11:00 am F1… 9:35 – 1025 Skiles 302 2:00 – 2:30 pm. or by appointment N1… 12:05 – 12:55 – Skiles 302 Tel: 404-894-4967 H 3:05 – 3:55 – Skiles 302 Course Email: [email protected] Course: Tech Comm 3401 Textbook: Global Contexts: Case Studies in International Technical Communication (Paperback) Reference: The Non-Designer's Design and Type Books, Deluxe Edition (Paperback) Course Description – ( What are we doing?) This course is based on case studies of both real and fictional scenarios around the world that “. . . . effectively address the problems of linguistic, cultural, and technical issues, as well as a heightened awareness of user, national, and corporate objectives” (Hoft 1998). These cases in combination with appropriate design principles cover a variety of common situations arising in international business and communication in order to help students gain insight in how to prepare professional communications that deal with cultural differences and work cross- culturally toward a common goal. Course Theme – “Going Global: Technical Communication in a Shrinking World” – ( Why this theme?) Going global in business is now a multi-directional, multicultural, multilingual, multisectoral process. In our increasingly interconnected world, technical language and culture no longer function as unidirectional modes of communication. International technical communication transmitted via digital technologies is now posited on culturally charged decisions: whose language do we use, which culture drives the market, how do we transfer the technologies? Course Requirements – ( How will we survive this semester?) This course is problem based with each case study presenting a real or simulated scenario typical of those encountered in professional situations involving two or more languages and cultures. While the textbook provides a sequential and thematic framework for our study, a large portion of the learning process is posited on student areas of professional and personal interests. This type of approach works well in a modified Problem Based Learning environment where the textbook cases layout a problem, offer a particular option within the cultural context and provide some reading and research material. However, students are expected to expand on this notion and bring their own personal experiences, concerns, ideas, and disciplines to class discussions, focusing on collaborative –not individual- solutions for projects. Hence, most work will be done within a “team” context where individual students are responsible for their particular “job” as an integral part of the team project. The teams will analyze each scenario and recommend an appropriate course of action and the communication instruments utilized. I like to refer to this as the ABC’s of a course (see below). My function is observer/facilitator.
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Harris_3401 syllabus - Tech Comm 3401 Going Global Technical Communication in a Shrinking World Spring 2010 Dr Jo Anne Harris Class schedule MWF

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