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UCSD Physics 2A Fall 2009 Instructor : Vivek Sharma Final Quiz ! INSTRUCTIONS: Enter your name and code # in the bottom strip of the first page. Return the entire set of exam sheets with your scantron . Use a #2 pencil to fill your scantron. Write your code number and bubble it in under ““EXAM NUMBER””. Bubble in the quiz version (see letter A -- D at bottom of page) in your scantron under ““ EXAM VERSION””. MULTIPLE CHOICE. Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question. 1) The total force on an object is zero. The angular momentum of the object A) may be changing. B) can only be changing magnitude. C) can only be changing direction. D) is constant. E) is zero. 2) Which of the following is an accurate statement? A) A particle moving in a straight line with constant speed necessarily has zero angular momentum. B) If the torque acting on a particle is zero about an arbitrary origin, then the angular momentum of the particle is also zero about that origin. C) If the speed of a particle is constant, then the angular momentum of the particle about any specific origin must also be constant. D) Consider a planet moving in a circular orbit about a star. Even if the planet is spinning it is not possible for its total angular momentum to be zero. E) the angular momentum of a moving particle depends on the specific origin with respect to which the
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