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!"#"!$ ! ECS-165A: Database Systems* Welcome to 165A: Database Systems & Happy New Year! Overview : 1. Logistics, Course Overview 2. Introduction to Relational Databases Acknowledgements : Material, slides adapted from S. Bowers (adapted from R. Ramakrishnan, L. Delcambre, and B. Ludaescher) and M. Gertz ! Course Logistics &’()!*+, -./!$ 0 1 234 5637389 :;<=>?@63 A:;<86>?@63B C@DE61 +F$)++#)!G$$ H;<86>?@ A87B ;?<8IJ> <D7 6<; A;>6 K )*+, K JE LD;3 HJE6MB 1 N G1F$)!$89 A 4556 7/"(8/ 9/"$/% B :/;’<="> ,##=#$;"$ 1 ,E8E<83;O4(83P83 A87B Q98JH <D7 ?D9 A;>6 K!*+,K JE LD;3 >;RS6?7 HJE6B TU?6 VD;3>1 W3J<8L> !!1!$89)!01!$O9 A++ X69O63 V8HHB 9?;##/# 1 Y-W F1!$)#1$$O9 A0F# -6HH98EB @=#’#=(" A/’B("# A>783ZEQ 0E< [66PMB 1 - G1$$)G1+$89\ !#] TH>DE A’^_ #$]G0B - #1!$)+1$$O9\ 0!* -6HH98E A’^_ #$]G!B C=D$/%8 EF;8 1 W3J\ W6R !0 7@ JE ?H8>>‘ DO6E RDDP"ED76> G=";? EF;8 1 W3J\ Y83 !a 7@ \ !$1F$))!01F$O9\ 0F# -6HH98E \ DO6E RDDP"ED76> 3(8/H(%I J(F/# 1 0!F! X69O63 A8E< 6H6?73DEJ? >;R9J>>JDE IJ8 9L4;?<8IJ>46<;B
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0 More Logistics Course webpage: http://groups.google.com/group/165a-wq10 Sign up ! Include LASTNAME , Firstname Then: use web UI and/or mail to 165a-wq10@googlegroups.com Updated regularly (make sure you have email subscription) Textbook: Database Management Systems , 3 rd Ed., Ramakrishnan & Gehrke, McGraw Hill, 2003 In the past, we used Database System Concepts ( 4th or 5th Edition) by Silberschatz, Korth, Sudarshan, McGraw-Hill for ECS-165A. I will point to the corresponding chapters in this textbook as well, in case you have this one available. F Grading and Policies Course Grading: Approximately (see web page for details): 50% Individual Homework Assignments 17% Midterm (also individual ;-) 33% Final (and yes: this one too!) ca. 6 assignments (ER design, schema design, SQL, relational algebra, integrity constraints, indexing, query processing) many of these will using MySQL! Your own laptop/desktop and/or CSIF (MySQL 5.1.41):
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1 - !"#"!$% ECS-165A: Database Systems* •! Welcome to...

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