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2-6-08 - Behavioral theory ➢ Development ➢ Inhibitors...

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2/6/08 Offender Rehabilitation Sexually Deviant Behavior Sex Offense Theory Research limited Biological Theory Hormone Levels (abnormal levels) Increase of testosterone Increase sometimes leads to aggression Theory of evolution Psychological theory Family dysfunction Absent parent Parents didn’t care for child All sex offender show signs of loneliness Feminist theory Feminist movement Sexual gratification is not the motivation Attachment theory Self worth Forming bonds with other human beings
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Unformatted text preview: Behavioral theory ➢ Development ➢ Inhibitors ➢ Fantasies Cognitive theory ➢ Justification of actions Warped sense of what’s right and wrong Psychosocial theory ➢ External factors ➢ 1 in 3 sex offenders want to rape after viewing porn Integrated theory ➢ Motivation ➢ Internal inhibitions Need to overcome the guilt and shame ➢ External inhibitions Parents embarrassment ➢ Child’s inhibitions Conclusion ➢ Multiple variables ➢ Common thread...
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