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BIMM100 Fall 2009 Problem 8 1. You fall asleep one night and wake up in an RNA world (you’ve also been transformed into a tiny primitive cell). a. Why is heredity necessary for life? b. Why is an RNA dominated world likely to have preceded a Central Dogma world? 2. tRNA! a. (1) Describe the tRNA structure. (2) What allows it to interact with both the mRNA and amino acids? b. True or False: Mutation of a single base in the anticodon will always prevent binding to the mRNA. Explain. c. Some cells you are studying express 53 different tRNA. (1) How many amino-acyl tRNA synthetases do these cells possess? (2) What is the function of an amino-acyl tRNA synthetase?
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3. Translation initiation
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Unformatted text preview: a. Describe the characteristics of a G protein. b. If your mRNA loses its 5 cap following nuclear export, what effect will this have on translation? c. (1) What is the first tRNA that associates with the ribosome? (2) How is this tRNA distinct from others? d. How is the translational reading frame established by the ribosome? e. List the energy requiring step(s) in initiation, when they occur, and the purpose of each. 4. The ribosome possesses 3 tRNA binding sites. What are the sites and what occurs in each? 5. (1) What is a polysome and what effect do they have on translation? Explain. (2) Would the loss of the poly A tail have any effect on polysome formation? Explain....
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ProblemSet8 - a. Describe the characteristics of a G...

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