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1P tut5 - ENG 1P03 2009-2010 Tutorial 5 Manual McMaster...

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ENG 1P03 2009-2010 Tutorial 5 Manual McMaster University 1 Tutorial 5 Manual Reminders 1. Engineering Logbooks must be dated and signed by TAs. 2. Students must remain for the entire duration of the tutorial to work on their projects. 3. If you are the last tutorial of the day (4:30 on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays, and 2:30 on Thursdays and Fridays), please restore the table and chair configuration to the required by 1C03 or 1P03. 4. TAs must record attendance. 5. Students are encouraged to bring their laptops and textbooks to tutorial from here on end. This will aid with: a. Writing. b. Research. c. Using ELM. 6. ELM blogs are for project deliverables and as a means for team members to communicate amongst themselves and with the TA. Lesson Plan Activity Time Review of tutorial’s activities by TA and collect draft proposal 5 min Chapter 3 Quiz (graded) 15 min Stakeholder analysis exercise (graded) - Brainstorm as many stakeholders and/or stakeholder categories (i.e., like users with differing needs) as possible. - TA must okay the result to getting a pass. - Use the topic from the quiz. 30 min Project Work (Final proposal) Remaining time Return desks and chairs to original configuration if last tutorial of the day. TAs will grade the draft proposal during tutorial. Stakeholder Analysis The stakeholder 1 analysis is a tool to help maximize the value of your design, that is, to make the best design possible for as many stakeholders as possible. A stakeholder analysis is most effective when you search the broadest set of possible stakeholders and examine each of their needs looking for ways that your design could be better for that stakeholder. Inherently, this means making trade-off decisions where making something better for one stakeholder makes it worse for another. For example, if you make a car larger and roomier this is something the passengers may desire but it means larger, heavier, 1 A stakeholder is a person, organization, or other individual or group affected by the design.
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ENG 1P03 2009-2010 Tutorial 5 Manual McMaster University 2 and more polluting car which is clearly not better for the general public that breaths air polluted by the larger ca r’s exhaust. Ideally, you want to find ways of improving a design such that the benefit to one stakeholder only comes at a small disadvantage to another. Better yet, you want to find ideas that
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