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October, 05, 2009 Mr. Smith Professor Dear Mr. Smith I was not satisfied with your behavior last lecture. I considered it a very serious offense. I am writing this letter to inform you that you have to do something to make up for this mistake you have made. I believe you should be responsible for all your unjustified hurtful actions in class. On October, 1 st , you shared my assignment with the entire class. Although I did not tell you not to do it, it does not mean that you can share my work without my permission. You shared my assignment in class without consulting me before the lecture. Publicly announcing my name in class embarrassed me. I was not really happy with that. After that event, I could not get out of the shadow of this horrid memory. I started being afraid of going to class and facing my classmates afraid that they will recognize me from my assignment since then. It has damaged my will of going to class. The consequence of your action has
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Unformatted text preview: left me with a bad impression with this course. In my own knowledge, professors are supposed to be considerate of and respect someone's privacy. Apparently, I am very disappointed about your behavior. I cannot stay in that class without a proper apology. Because of your thoughtless movement has brought me a negative effect, I request a proper apology. I think it is reasonable for you to apologize to me in the next lecture in front of the entire class. Therefore, I will feel more fair. Although my assignment has already been shared with the entire class, I will be satisfied if you can give me a good explanation and apology. It not only makes me feel better , but also proposes an assurance that other student's assignment would not be shared in the class without warning. I hope you can send me an email if you accept the condition. I will keep checking my mailbox before the next lecture. Best Regard, Cheng-Kai Liao
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