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Unformatted text preview: Faculty of Engineering, McMaster University Exceptions and Recursion Dr. Spencer Smith and Dr. William Farmer November 27, 2009 Smith: Exceptions and Recursion (slide 1) Exceptions and Recursion I Administrative Details I Exception Handling Motivation Exception Handling Call Stack Examples I Recursion Motivation Examples Smith: Exceptions and Recursion (slide 2) Administrative Details I Next marked lab involves completing existing code Practise submission procedure this week You may want to comment out code to get it to compile? I Extra help sessions this week Wednesday, Nov 25, at 6:30 pm in ETB 118 Thursday, Nov 26, at 6:30 in ETB 118 Bring your questions! Next extra help session, Dec 14, 10:30 am, room TBA I Lecture attendance grade is now posted Will post again at the end of the term If there is a problem, please register with your macid, not your student number I Please continue to attend your tutorials and lectures we are covering some challenging material I Everything covered in lectures, labs and tutorials could be on the final exam Smith: Exceptions and Recursion (slide 3) Exceptions I We want our programs to be robust I In our marked and unmarked labs we have been ignoring potential problems What if a user enters a value in the wrong range? What if a user enters a double in the wrong format? ( 0.45ty instead of 0.4567 ?) What if the file given by filename does not exist?...
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1D2 - Faculty of Engineering, McMaster University...

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