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ACCT202-2N0 - Clovis Community College Accounting 202 –...

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Clovis Community College Accounting 202 Introductory Accounting II Summer 2009 - Online I NSTRUCTOR Monica Sanchez O FFICE Faculty Office IV, Room 403 O FFICE P HONE 769-4948 E-M AIL A DDRESS [email protected] O FFICE H OURS By appointment only. P REREQUISITE “C” or b etter in Accounting 201 R EQUIRED T EXTS Warren, Reeve and Duchac, Accounting , 22 nd edition, South-Western College Publishing, 2007 Bath Designs Practice Set O PTIONAL P UBLICATIONS Working Papers for Chapters 14-26 Warren, Reeve and Duchac, Accounting, 22 nd edition, South-Western College Publishing, 2007, Study Guide for Chapters 14-26 C OURSE D ESCRIPTION This course will cover a variety of managerial accounting topics as well as uses of accounting information and financial accounting for partnerships and corporations. C OURSE O BJECTIVES Through course work and exams, the student should be able to achieve a minimum of 70% proficiency in all objectives. Students should be able to: 1. Perform basic accounting for partnerships and corporations 2. Prepare a Statement of Cash Flows 3. Demonstrate an understanding of the accumulation of costs in the cost accounting system using both the job-order and process cost systems 4. Describe the basic elements of the budgeting process, its objectives, and its impact on human behavior 5. Demonstrate an understanding of budget preparation, including capital budgeting 6. Prepare differential analysis reports for decision making 7. Demonstrate a working knowledge of cost-volume-profit analysis 8. Analyze a complete set of financial statements COMMUNICATION E-mail through the WebCT system is the preferred method of communication. Every effort will be made to respond to e-mail correspondence within 24 hours of delivery (except on weekends). Students cannot use email to submit assignments.
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Page 2 of 5 A TTENDANCE R EQUIREMENTS The WebCT system maintains a log each time you enter your online course. Students are required to login at least once a week in order to meet course assignment deadlines and to receive additional instructor announcements.
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