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Lect02-Phys172s10-(1.5-1.11-Momentum_and_Relativity) -...

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°±²³´µ ¶·¸· ¹ º »° ¸¼¶½¾ ¿ÀÁ²´ ¾ ÁÂÃÄ´³ÂÅ Lecture 2 - Momentum & Relativity Read: 1.5-1.11 This is a 4 credit hour course. The rule of thumb at this University is that you should spend twice as many hours (on average) studying for this course outside of class as you do in class. That is, eight hours a week spent reading, doing the homework, recitation, and laboratory assignments, and studying for the quizzes and exams would be a typical investment of time for most students in this course. Syllabus & General Information:
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Evening Exams (3) 300 38 % Final Exam 200 25 Labs 100 13 Homework (WebAssign) 100 13 Clicker questions 40 5 Recitation quizzes and worksheets 40 5 TOTAL 780 100% Syllabus & General Information: We will use an absolute grading scale with values as given on the syllabus (see the course web site) Note: at least 50% on Lab is required to pass! Reminders: For help with homework problems, go to the Physics Learning Center in Room 12 (PHYS Bldg) during the assigned hours. Schedule can be found on the home page. It is staffed by trained teaching assistants assigned to this course. Use it! 1. Extensions can be granted for Homework assignments, if you have a good reason and don’t abuse the privilege. Download form under “HW Extension request” from the course web site. 2. To request an Excused Grade for a quiz or an exam due to a valid reason (illness, etc), download “Absentee Report” from the course web site. Do this in advance if at all possible. Advance notification is required for Evening Exams and the Final.
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