2-11-08 - Illinois v Caballes Police used a dog to sniff...

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2/11/08 California v Greenwood pg 57 Facts Learned from various sources that a suspect did some trafficking of drugs Told trash man to deliver trash to police Got busted for drug possession Did the suspect have the right to the property on the street? No Once trash is put on the curb it is considered abandoned In NJ police do need a warrant to go through the trash Kyllo v US pg 62 Facts Federal agent used a thermal imaging sensor Device should an unusual amount of heat coming from the house Used that info to get a warrant Searched the house and saw that there was weed being grown Does the thermal imaging device aimed at a private home violate rights? Yes The search was unreasonable because the device is not normally available to the public Search was unconstitutional without a search warrant
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Unformatted text preview: Illinois v Caballes Police used a dog to sniff out drug to get a warrant to search a vehicle Does the dog sniff violate 4 th amendment rights? No The use of a well trained dog which just sniffs out narcotics is constitutional California v Hodari D. 2 police officer in an unmarked car patrolled a high crime area Person dropped drugs while running from police Cop called for suspect to stop but he didn’t Seizure actually happened when officer tackled suspect When did the police seize him? He was seized after he threw the drug so the drugs could be used as evidence but if he never threw the drugs until he was seized then the drugs would not be admissible...
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2-11-08 - Illinois v Caballes Police used a dog to sniff...

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