Sociology Test 1 Review

Sociology Test 1 Review - Soc 1305-08 Introduction to...

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Soc 1305-08 Introduction to Sociology Study Guide for Exam 1 Baylor University, Fall 2009 Exam 1 covers material pertaining to social identity, social structure, the sociological research process, major theoretical perspectives in sociology, culture, socialization, and social control. Assigned readings on these topics included Giuffre and Williams (2000), Martin and Hummer (1989), Anderson (1994), Davis (1940), and Becker (1953). The exam consists of 30 multiple- choice items worth one point each, for a total of 30 points. In preparation, students should know, understand and be able to apply each concept below. sociology – systematic study of social behavior & human groups sociological imagination – ability to see the relationship between individual experiences and larger social forces status – a social position that someone has ascribed status – status given to you by society achieved status – status you work for master status – status that dominates others and determines a person’s general position in society role – behavior expected of someone who holds a particular status role conflict – incompatible demands related to two or more statues role strain – incompatible demands from a single status role exit – disengaging from a social role that is central to self-identity impression management – an individuals efforts to create specific impressions in the minds of others (not artificial; purely natural) face work – efforts to maintain proper image and avoid public embarrassment social structure – the way in which a society is organized into predictable relationships (statuses, roles, groups, social institutions) group – two or more people who identify and interact with one another
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Sociology Test 1 Review - Soc 1305-08 Introduction to...

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