1.1 Introduction Skating

1.1 Introduction Skating - Welcome to Outline for Today...

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1 Phy 1405 1 Physics for BA Students The Physics of Everyday Life Linda Kinslow Welcome to Phy 1405 2 Outline for Today • What is this course? –Goa ls – Syllabus – Expectations • Getting Started Phy 1405 3 About Physics 1405 … • We will use a “Case Study” approach • We will look at physics in the context of objects – First, we will look at an object, then the physics concepts related to that object – The emphasis is on physics concepts, not formulas ! • Does this seem backwards? – It is how Scientists actually Discover Science – It is what makes science FUN Phy 1405 4 Goals • Develop understanding and intuition • See the role of physics in your world • Learn to enjoy science, not to fear it • See universe as predicable, not magical Phy 1405 5 How Much !? • This course will largely focus on qualitative, conceptual content • That does not mean the ideas are trivial! • Few calculations – affords less distractions from concepts chug – But, it does not make the course easier • In lab you will use: simple graphs, very basic algebra, averages. Phy 1405 6 Important Note The next few slides summarize important information contained in the course syllabus. Please refer to the syllabus for details. If there is any discrepancy between these slides and the
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2 Phy 1405 7 What you need: REQUIRED: ± L. Bloomfield, How Things Work, 3 rd ed., Wiley (2006), ± Physics 1405 Lab Manual ± CPS Response Pad: can be purchased at the Bookstore. ± We will start using clickers on Thursday to make sure all is working correctly. Next Tuesday, we will start using clickers for Class Participation Grades. ± There is a link on Blackboard to the clicker registration page. Go there and register your clicker. ± If your clicker does not function, check the batteries and/or see the Bookstore. Phy 1405 8 Syllabus – Course Schedule • Lecture / Reading Topics – Read ahead in the book • Assignments – Keep up with the homework on our own Phy 1405 9 Syllabus – Course Policy •B l a c k b o a r
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1.1 Introduction Skating - Welcome to Outline for Today...

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