3.3 Carousels & Roller Coasters

3.3 Carousels & Roller Coasters - 1 Key Concepts:...

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Unformatted text preview: 1 Key Concepts: 1. Centripetal Force 2. Fictitious Forces Carousels and Roller Coasters Observations about Carousels and Roller Coasters You can feel your motion with your eyes closed You feel pulled in unusual directions You sometimes feel weightless You can become inverted without feeling it Question 1 What aspects of motion do you feel? Can you feel position? Can you feel velocity? Can you feel acceleration? The Feeling of Weight When you are at equilibrium, a support force balances your weight and that support force acts on your lower surface, while your weight is spread throughout your body You feel internal supporting stresses You identify these stresses as weight You are in a car at a traffic light. The light turns green and the driver steps on the gas. Your body lurches A. forward B. backwards C. Not at all Clicker Question 1 The Feeling of Acceleration When you are accelerating, a support force often causes acceleration support force acts on your surfaces inertia resists acceleration throughout your body You feel internal stresses conveying support You identify these stresses as a force 2 Acceleration and Weight This feeling of acceleration is not a real force just a feeling caused by your bodys inertia directed opposite your acceleration proportional to that acceleration You feel an overall apparent weight feeling of real weight plus feeling of acceleration Force from accelerating elevator Your body senses changes in these support forces as a change in weight! Weight in an Elevator Clicker Question 2 When the bucket was directly above my head, was there a force pushing up on the paper that kept the bits of paper in the bucket? a) yes b) no Question 2 Why do you feel flung outward on a carousel? How are you accelerating on a carousel? Carousels Riders undergo uniform circular motion (UMC) Riders follow a circular path Riders move at constant speed UCM involves centripetal acceleration Acceleration is directed toward the circles center Acceleration depends on speed and size of circle v a Acceleration & Circular Motion Acceleration: change in velocity per unit time In uniform circular motion: Acceleration Constant Directed towards the center Velocity Constant magnitude Tangent to the path Top view: 3...
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3.3 Carousels & Roller Coasters - 1 Key Concepts:...

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