10.1 - 10.2 Static Electricity

10.1 - 10.2 Static Electricity - Observations about Static...

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1 Key Concepts: 1. Electric Charge 2. Electric Fields 3. Electric Potential 4. Photocopiers Observations about Static Electricity • Static electricity builds up on non- metallic things • Objects with static charge either cling or repel • Static electricity can lead to shocks • Static electricity can make your hair stand up Electric Charge (Part 1) • Like charges repel, opposites attract – Forces consist of a matched pair: • Each charge pushes or pulls on the other • Forces have equal magnitudes, opposite directions – Forces increase with decreasing separation • Charge is measured in coulombs + - + + - - - - “Electrostatic” Force Two charges, Q 1 and Q 2 , separated by distance r exert a force on each other: F = (k·Q 1 ·Q 2 ) / r 2 k is a constant (9 × 10 9 ), Q is in Coulombs, r in meters Q 1 Q 2 r
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2 What is the force between the electron and proton of a hydrogen atom when the electron is twice as far away? a) Twice as much. b) The same. c) Half as much. d) One fourth as much. Clicker Question Clicker Question A repelling force must occur between two charged objects under which conditions? a) charges are of unlike signs b) charges are of like signs c) charges are of equal magnitude d) charges are of unequal magnitude Clicker Question Clicker Question Net Charge • Net charge is the sum of an object’s charges • Most objects have zero net charge (neutral) before after + + + + - - - - + + + + - - - - Electric Charge (Part 2) • Charge is conserved
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10.1 - 10.2 Static Electricity - Observations about Static...

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