Exam 2 Review

Exam 2 Review - Exam 2 Review • 40 questions •...

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7/31/2008 1 Exam 2 Review • 40 questions • Blackboard in Course Documents: Review Exam 2: Chapters Included 3.1 Spring Scales : Hooke’s Law, Equilibrium 3.2 Bouncing Balls : energy transfer, collisions 3.3 Carousels and Roller Coasters : centripetal acceleration, UCM, feeling of acceleration, fictitious forces, apparent weight 4.1 Bicycles : equilibrium, static and dynamic stability, precession 5.1 Balloons : pressure, density, temp. scales, Archimedes’ principle, ideal gas law 7.1 Wood Stoves : thermal energy, heat, temp. chemical bonds, heat transfer 7.3 Incandescent Light Bulbs : EM spectrum, light, blackbody spectrum, thermal expansion, sublimation, SB law (proportional to T 4 10.1 Static Electricity : charge, E force, E fields, voltage, polarization, conductors, insulators 10.2 Copiers : shape and E field, corona discharge, lightning rods, photoconductors 10.3 Flashlights : current, Ohm’s law, parallel and series circuits, short circuit, open circuit, electric power, batteries 1 The silver coating on the glass surfaces of a thermos bottle reduces energy that is transferred by A) conduction. B) convection. C)
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Exam 2 Review - Exam 2 Review • 40 questions •...

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