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Quiz 1 soln 1 - Metal Structures(25 points 1a Sketch the...

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Unformatted text preview: Metal Structures (25 points) 1a.) Sketch the conventional unit cell for the body centered cubic (BCC) structure. b.) Write down the position of the body centering atom within the BCC unit cell in terms of its fractional co-ordinates. .vz V ‘1; Atom co-ordinates ....... I. . . 3: 1 ............. c.) The number density (i. e. number of atoms per unit volume) for the BCC structure in terms of the lattice parameter a is: (circle one) i.) 1/a3 iii) 4/a3 iv.) 8/a3 (1.) Sketch the atomic arrangement of the (110) plane for the BCC structure. e.) Calculate the planar density of the (110) plane for the BCC structure in terms of the atomic radius R. thr mm = number 0 ohms catered on «L \um. - “e“ °t 9““ 2 it (’0... = la"om{ but LUV-3130» :7 0~ 95"} not 5) Q1: ”of Pom ’- 1‘3 a 2... 1 '5' ma} firm. Answer:..........?Duo fnlnm an a" ...
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