Evgeny_Pedro oct14 - y= Fx*[ Z* (+t o,tt lr */...

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O y= lr Fx* [ Z * (+t o,tt ,o^ffiJofte(' */ l^p/_L r) lW*=Jt F,' to |b.rya. ., &rrrrrtrc-\ + LL/a )4._ 1^ olo(awS tooo9 F. ' ty:=i' o l'"' l"yxL, a- t cDc:] r.., p).: $ UJU/.4 ty"Cxt \r)Wr pn l't o"^," t/,\ ha"'lp lL. lt".s t'-'t,,'4\rJ'^- [h,-U co.-'-! rze Sc-! )^^"4 tg ,^ i*pl- J..{ "r_u F, t^-<.^>va ,3^r?^,'-, ?) I ha,,^ d^h o\ 6\)t"u W.t ,f!\tST aDD r r0'\2\ I-lto-"- /'tla S\/'J r 6De= /+ 14 '\'Jan + c +Y {D ,! \*-. T-: i'i*-o.'9- -w' lt " ")--"'-- - .\t"4 6D p &1,,-. d,,- D,- K^s ' \ ^-t -> lru urintc t^ \e n ^ i-h Au-v r"aTvQlS t D e |,(,-t, lt{ rs f'ct'JA6-o --ltr./. k-nQ-^"2 i'""1 .o+.]o-l rselocL -- Utr]",{ .hJ^f ve-laLp,,.,,fq aa'l,l- Vrilt,-alg e ccv ( K*, g*_,") t=o -uuh,c-L 1p,o [ | e'.^^ -{trs ,nu-'/^ 12 , \ rtory.--.- i.t1r5S bR- \^1 A o1r.fk -1\ t ' r/ I ,rs([a-^.r"-g i
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@ nmrr t* wr<. cott;wlpctr)N ffit-\<.<r@N 30""LY (r{=@ Y =P, *Ps 6rpa}(e-cpq X{ *F,5 Xs rFe X6 -r I LU{t9K9 | = aOiuP[Na @RrYiTS t-30€D Kr= fln,rut*-ru -FR[c€ or ttctes Ccru Sfc>o) Xs=hOiAN +lAuetrer-D tAEoH€ (.cr*/h #fO) Xa={:tF.-KAc€ Lee^L 74y€3 Prt-cAP(aA (.rN ActuAt- wtt*d f,rs= 6-f:\ta Tftx- F-eR, c*,P[n+. C.ral rcu-+<t) k=WKzENT T^rR*€ffi, Eru teA:LAr=ion) ,TWe AIr€RAJN|I\W NWLa G.-u*ttrcs T.tJ ffi.<retJTtt€-aA udtlttsLs t\,\aosl- A Fl-coel g *a .J cotrsr r.'r - 2fa3> - |s,i$ .1le v _O-AAt{ _ e,-€'€q -O-ea? N Co.l-_s)=_ co-os)
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Evgeny_Pedro oct14 - y= Fx*[ Z* (+t o,tt lr */...

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