FinalExamProblemsFa08 - Fa08 CS31 Disc 1B – Week 10 Final...

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Fa08 CS31 Disc 1B – Week 10 Final Exam Practice Problems 1 Fa08 CS31 Disc 1B – Final Exam Practice Problems TA: Peter Wu ( ) Webpage: 1. IceBreakers! It's the last day of class, and we want you to write your name, major, and year, all a class declaration. Here's the following class: const int LENGTH = 10; class Student { public : // constructors Student( char firstName[], char * lastName, int year, string major); Student(); // fills in all member variables with "" or 0 // accessors int getYear() const ; //implemented string getMajor() const ; //implemented string getFirstName() const ; //implemented string getLastName() const ; //implemented // mutators bool changeMajor(string major); void setFirstName(char* newName); private : int m_year; string m_major; char m_name[2][LENGTH+1]; //length 2: 1 for first name, 2 for second name }; (a) Constructors. Write the first constructor. For this question only, the constructor should also print to screen a "Welcome, <firstName>" message. For the other questions, we're going to assume the constructor doesn't print anything. (b) Constructors. What do each of the following statements do? (compile-time error, run-time error, or describe result) Student s1; Student s2( "Joe" , "Bruin" , 1, "computer science" ); Student *s3( "Joe" , "Bruin" , 1, "computer science" ); Student s4 = new Student(); Student s5 = new Student( "Joe" , "Bruin" , 1, "computer science" ); Let's say we remove the default constructor from the class, so that we're only left with the 4-argument constructor. What happens if we run the statement:
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FinalExamProblemsFa08 - Fa08 CS31 Disc 1B – Week 10 Final...

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